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At the end of the 19th century there were developments in which the provision of first aid by lay people was promoted. In England, people first started organizing first aid courses. In 1881, during an international medical congress in London, it was announced that the “St. Johns Ambulance Association” was founded by the Johanniter Knights.

It was an association that set up dressing posts, organized first aid courses and set up an exam. The result was that in 1887 100,000 people had already passed the exam.

The Amsterdam doctor C. B. Tilanus jr. Brought the idea to our country. Initially, doctors in the Netherlands took the position that first aid could not and should not be entrusted to lay people. Yet enthusiasm grew and attempts were made to disseminate first aid knowledge. The Dutch First Aid Association was established in 1893. At the initiative of HRH Prince Hendrik, “The Orange Cross” was founded in 1909 with the aim of promoting unity in assistance and training. The first edition of the Oranje Kruis Boekje appeared in 1912.

Source: Royal First Aid – www.koninklijke-ehbo.nl/overehbo/6-geschiedenis-van-de-ehbo