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When my parents (Wolly Wouter Dekker and Jacoba Pieternella Thijssen – van Steenbergen †) got divorced at the age of 6, I moved to Rotterdam. First with my aunt Coby, then in other parts of Rotterdam until I came to live across the Kuip van Feyenoord, where I lived on West-Varkenoortseweg 117a. And had a view of the Van Brienenoord bridge when I was in the attic, and slept there.

My Mother had started a new relationship with another friend who later became my stepfather from the age of 8. And she eventually lived married to Nick (Nico) Thijssen †, of which I don’t know much anymore because the relationship between us was not too good. After my 10th year of life, I also had virtually no contacts left with both my (step) parents, which in retrospect was a miserable situation, but I have no relational relationship with them anymore. Neither my mother nor my stepfather attended the death and the funeral.

I remembered especially at the time that I had no friends and I often roamed the streets of Rotterdam. To take in everything there about me about this admirable city where I lived as a young boy. I walked a lot, and I also enjoyed cycling in my neighborhood and of course in Rotterdam. And I came to the strangest places in this city where I gazed at all the beautiful things one has in cultural views. I was also fascinated by all the beautiful things that were always built and therefore often came to school too late or sometimes just stayed at a building site to see what they were doing there, and so to speak, I had to be dragged away.

Of course I also went to school in Rotterdam, where I attended Miss Marja Rijsdijk’s class at the Sonnevanck School into Zwartewaalstraat.
I did very well at school and always wanted to perform. In retrospect, I had a lot more to offer and if I had not experienced a divorce and could come along socially with others, I could have good chances of being able to perform at a higher level.

After a judgment of the juvenile court in 1989 I was placed out of the house at Pro Juventute. And a social worker was appointed to look after me until I was of age.

I moved when I was 10 years old and went to live in The Hague with Huize Angela (Formerly: Stichting Cunera The Hague; Now: Ipse de Bruggen).
Later on when I was 14, I went to live at the Veerse Singel in Middelburg with Stichting AZZ (Now: Juvent).
I got to know Paskal Jacobsen there as a care worker. Later as artist of the band Bløf. It was a nice and exciting time that I was able to experience with him there. And he often wanted to conjure up his guitar to occasionally play a melody for all of us. He mainly played Urbanus in a very original way that we could always laughing about.

In Middelburg I attended the School for Practical Training and the ROC Techniek. At the ROC Zeeland I did my transition year Metal to get to MBO at level 2. Then, when I was 18 years old, I followed a vocational guidance course for Construction Worker and welder into Vlissingen at the ROC. After which I actually became a metalworker at VDS into Middelburg. Later, after VDS, I went to the Royal Netherlands Army Forces, and from that more rolled into the driver world as a professional driver with the pontooners of the Genie.

Present day:

After living together for a long time in 2012 in Middelburg with a girlfriend. In the end, after a very difficult and intense period, which was accompanied by detention, which turned out to be unfair in Spain, I returned to live on my own. With much help from the Salvation Army and my own circle of friends, I started to live a life of my own in Zaamslag (Zeeland Flanders). I am also an international driver today and my work area is mainly in Belgium.



  •     Construction bench worker and welder.
  •     Driver for Truck and Bus with code 95.
  •     Current diplomas obtained with: VCA, HACCP, ADR and First Aid with resuscitation.
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