ICT administrators training

Dear reader,

From next week I will follow a 2-year course for IT administrator (Expert IT systems and devices) at LOI.

This means that I will (temporarily) stop the driver’s life and I hope to make a meaningful contribution to the safety and support of my employees who need me as an expert behind various computers and devices within the company.

I am really looking forward to following my heart and having a good time. Although I like driving a truck the most and it attracts me the most. But given the rules of the game at the CBR do not offer me any opportunities to get behind the wheel of a truck or bus in the short term. This is because I have a certain medical background with psychosis, diabetes and high cholesterol.

I have spent a lot of time at home in the past year and a half and could hardly do anything about / with myself. And was that necessary to be able to recover and to find a stable life again. And during this time I had many life questions and hopefully they could answer them and it was also a time of much experimenting with the medication and finding the right medicine to help me get back on track.

In terms of study, it is a tough training, and it is an MBO level 4 training. This study is easy to combine next to work and is taught in class and at home. I follow the home training at LOI because they have a very good working method where you can learn quickly and it is very easy for companies to arrange an affordable training.

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