New Computer

Whoever wants to buy a new computer today must look far which system he / she wants. It must be thought which applications and programs I want to play on my PC. The motherboards have also been developed so far and can handle a TPM chip and M.2 cards. So if you buy a computer case separately, you only have to take into account a correct motherboard, processor, processor cooler, RAM memory (Random access memory), M.2 solid state drive, network cards, and video card (s). If you then want to buy such a system, the rates are quite the price for an Intel i9 core system. And take with you that a computer system today no longer has physical hard disks and works on an M.2 disk. I have made a high-end example at for you so that you have plenty of time to make a comparison. Processors and RAM run on different frequencies and megahertzen and the motherboard and processor can also run on a different socket. And assume that you yourself are skilled enough to assemble a computer. Otherwise, select at Azerty on Components & Assembly and they will assemble a computer for you.

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