Proud on Humanity

As humans, we can be proud of the world that we have created. So many developments and technology that we have devised and made are used in everyday matters.

Many things around us that we do not consider because we do not want to see what we have made to date. We are much further than the 17th century and also after and before that. Technically, more is possible today than we could ever imagine in the past. We can also do so much more in all sorts of other areas and new creations have been devised to support methods, and with today’s knowledge we can do much more than Jules Verne and Albert Einstein ever wrote in his books.

It is a beautiful world created that is overshadowed by poverty and war. We can do so much more than we would like to think. If we shared more knowledge with each other, the world would be better off while the world would also try to make things differently with knowledge and power.

People now also live much longer than ever. And by living longer, we can also offer more specialized care and individualism has gone at a glance. People are now more alone and independent. While I long to insist on more solidarity and that we can learn from each other. Because people are not made to always be alone and also need each other’s support.

By Edward

Self-made-man met veel verstand over administrative zaken en denkt net een beetje meer buiten de gebaande paden | Doet veel dingen met ICT & Twitter | Filosofeert veel voor de vrijspraak van onschuldigen bij Justitie.