Today I am writing down my story about my schizophrenia and my findings about my anti-psychotic medication.

I have been receiving medication with Resperidone since February 2018. And experienced that I received a much too high dose. And you feel that you want to walk a lot and become restless if you don’t get the right dose. I also felt very lonely and wanted to keep in constant contact and call the listening line daily.

And a whole new world opens up and you immediately feel more connected to the world as a person. I could not have imagined this in any field or way and I would not have thought that I would come out like this. The downside is that my thoughts are limited.

My medication now looks like this for every evening at 10 pm:

  • 40 mg Rosuvastatine
  • 400 mg Bezalip Retard
  • 25 mg Quetiapine
  • 2 mg Akineton (when needed)
  • 500mg Metaformine

And at 8 o’clock in the morning is:

  • 10 mg Aripiprazol
  • 500mg Metaformine

By Edward

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