Make a big plus in everyone's life

Making a big plus in everyone’s life is my mission. See the bright sides of life and highlight it fully. There is already so much suffering and that can only be highlighted if you are open to it.

Because how often do you encounter disappointments and disillusions. Or that you are standing in front of a closed door that just won’t open. Or that your sense of time works against you because you think the day lasts and struggles with that.

Often disappointments and sadness are also good motivators to make room for new things. And loneliness is an important motivator to go outside and discover others.

I would say solve all your problems. And work very hard on yourself to get everything in a row. Often if you look for the right help you will go a long way and it is no shame to ask for help from others. Together we will solve it as far as possible.

By Edward

Self-made-man met veel verstand over administrative zaken en denkt net een beetje meer buiten de gebaande paden | Doet veel dingen met ICT & Twitter | Filosofeert veel voor de vrijspraak van onschuldigen bij Justitie.

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